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Terms & Conditions

Read carefully the terms and conditions related to our online transaction service at Boutique Viva Inc., your online express store. To facilitate your shopping experience, you should take into account the following rules established by the Rights and Obligations.

Online Registration Service 

To make purchases you must register by creating your personal account, the process is very easy, you should go to "My Account” that is located at the upper right corner and then click on "Login” to complete the form. You can also register by going directly to Login. In this form, we ask for a username and email address, as well as other personal information that you should keep for future transactions. Do not share this information with anyone to prevent fraud. Otherwise, our site is not responsible for the security of transactions, refunds and protection of your personal information.

Accessing your Personal Account

If you have performed a transaction through Boutique Viva Inc., you will receive a transaction confirmation email, as well as all the information regarding your purchase from our site. You can also access your account by entering your personal information in "My Account” from where you can make changes to your email address, home address, phone number, etc.

Business Hours

Boutique Viva Inc. offices are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (EST)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00 am–9:00 pm Closed Closed

Contact Us

Tel: 514-557-6500



After selecting the products you want to buy in our store, you must login to your account by inserting your e-mail address and password. The amount of the transaction includes – transaction fees and shipping cost, which is calculated automatically on your bill at the end of the process.

You can also get the conversion to the currency of your country by using the "exchange rate” section located at the bottom left corner of the page. The total amount due appears in the bill, from where you can delete items, cancel or confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is approved, you must enter the information of the recipient or beneficiary of the service. All the information is automatically displayed (your purchase, cost, your personal information and the beneficiary information). After checking all the data, you will enter your credit card information. Once the application has been validated, it is routed to our service. In a few minutes, you will receive by email the confirmation of your transaction.

Payment Method 

We accept online payments using credit cards, such as: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Brand Image

All content on this website is the exclusive property of Boutique Viva Inc. and is protected by Canadian copyright laws. 

All the materials on this website (images, logos, texts, icons, illustrations, photos and programs) are protected by intellectual property rights.

Copyrights and trademarks used under license from Boutique Viva Inc. and its partners are protected by Canadian copyright laws.

Using IP address

In order to prevent fraud, our security system registers your IP address every time you visit Boutique Viva Inc. This data is used to validate the user's identity, the access code, transactions, applications and online payments.

Customer Responsibilities 

You cannot have more than one customer account at Boutique Viva Inc. You are solely responsible for providing accurate information from your account, your credit card, as well as the information regarding the recipient or beneficiary.

Boutique Viva Inc. will not reimburse the online payment(s), if you made a mistake about the identity of the recipient or beneficiary, either if you made a mistake on the final transaction of your purchase.

We do not provide credit if the total amount of the transaction was not approved by the authorized side. In principle, the decision belongs to the credit card holder or to the person properly authorized to use it. Take precautions on this matter.

Rights and Obligations of Boutique Viva Inc.

Boutique Viva Inc. reserves the right to access your personal profile and verify often your transactions to prevent fraud or money laundering. Boutique Viva Inc. reserves the right to close your account, reject or cancel a transaction you have made when violates restrictions or conditions of use at any time, or if we have reasons to believe that:

  • You have provided false information about yourself.
  • You have given the information of your personal profile to someone else. 

In case of irregularities from the customer, Boutique Viva Inc. reserves the right to fine the conditions of the contract, according to Canadian law. The customer will be informed in his personal account about changes affecting their e-mail address without affecting the terms of the previous transactions.

Boutique Viva Inc. is not responsible for money loss from the customer in case of technical issues beyond our control such as: a virus, a fraudulent act, an act of piracy, an operational error, theft, prohibited access, a faulty telephone line, a computer malfunction, incompatible software or any other unfavorable or damaging condition.

Boutique Viva Inc.has the right to demand a 15 days delay to the customer before processing his order, when considered necessary to determine the origin of a transaction made on our website, in accordance with the international regulations and practices regarding this matter.

Disputes Regulations

When faced with disputes concerning a service provided by Boutique Viva Inc., both parties (you and us) agree to settle the dispute to an arbitration process. The decision is final and without appeal.

Collateral Damage

Boutique Viva Inc. is not responsible, either directly or indirectly, or accidentally for damage, loss or any loss claimed by a third party under the law.